Animal Symbols in Nature

I am a big believer in signs that help guide you in life. There are so many signs in nature and it’s probably why I love living on a farm because I get to experience that connection on a daily basis. Like whenever I see a cardinal outside our window, I always feel like that’s a visitor from Heaven, just checking in on us! It always brings a warmth to my heart. It’s been fun to share that thought with our kids and how expressive they get when a cardinal comes for a visit on the farm!

Lately, I have noticed a bald eagle that has been visiting our place and I just feel like he is a sign to me personally. We’ve seen him perched on trees in the grove, swooping up our lane, perched in the corn stalks and this weekend, he spent some time in our lawn (chewing on a dead animal that our dogs drug up – yuck)! But he fascinates me and I notice him a few times a week. So, naturally, I had to Google what it means to have an eagle visit and it’s was kind of neat to read about. Here are the main points I found: Continue reading → Animal Symbols in Nature