[Midwest Made] Blog Series: In 2020, I’m dedicating a series of blog posts highlighting unique Midwest-based businesses. 

[Midwest Made] Concept – Being raised in the Midwest, we’re all a little Midwest Made, right? It’s a way of life, rooted in kindness, humility and hard work. Midwestern roots ground us to this unique way of living, where we understand the value of a hard day’s work and know we are serving a purpose greater than ourselves. 

People who choose to live, work & raise their families in the Midwest inspire me. I am intrigued by entrepreneurs who start their business in the Midwest and find unique ways to live and work in this little part of the world. They’re Midwest-based, they’re Midwest Made. I’m dedicating several of my 2020 blog posts to highlighting these Midwest businesses and people.

[Business Spotlight] Create Good Co., Fort Collins, CO

Create Good Banner
Create Good Co.

One summer, Maggie, worked in the AmeriCorps National Community Conservation Corps program and was stationed in Sioux Falls, SD. During her time in Sioux Falls, she and her colleagues focused on auditing how much trash was thrown away. They measured the waste at local parks and even spent some time at the landfill to understand the magnitude of waste from the Sioux Falls area. This summer experience literally changed the trajectory of her life. Her insight into how much people consume and waste sparked something in her. She knew she had to do take action to shift people’s perspective on re-purposing, so she decided to start a company – Create Good Co – that is focused recreating products in order to cut down on waste. What is interesting about this company is that it’s done in an interesting, unique and fresh way.

Established in 2016, Create Good Co is based in Fort Collins, CO. Her main product line features clothing and accessories made from men’s dress shirts. Maggie, the owner, also creates artwork on vintage maps and vintage-inspired home decor. The old adage, “one person’s junk is another person’s treasure,” rings true for her business. Two of my favorite products are her boyfriend skirts, re-purposed from men’s dress shirts, and her custom calligraphy pieces on old atlas maps. They’re unique and they are utilizing something that might have otherwise been thrown in the garbage.

Right from the get-go, you can tell that Maggie is an inspirational person to visit with. She has a true passion for being creative, re-purposing and having a clear purpose in life. She feels that everyone is artistic in their own way and she hopes to inspire her followers by helping them see “junk” in a different light. Rather than trashing something, she hopes she can inspire them to bring new life to it, just like she does with her product line. In addition, she is so passionate about helping others less fortunate than her, she donates 5% of her sales to education-based non-profits, like donorschoose.org. The reason? Maggie was fortunate to be raised in Indiana by two incredible parents. Her dad, a college professor and her mom, an entrepreneur, engaged in daily dialogue around education, profit/loss and business activities (they also had their grammar corrected pretty much on a daily basis too). She understands that one’s chances of being raised by incredible parents is a bit of a lottery and feels blessed that she had great role models. Not everyone is as fortunate, so it’s her passion to donate to children in need by focusing on something that will bring value to their world: education. Through the Donors Choose model, she can donate to real-life projects that create impact.

When it comes to marketing, Create Good Co primarily uses social media, sells online and goes to Midwest events to showcase her products.

[Website E-Commerce/Blog Platform]  Shopify - www.creategoodco.com

[Social Media Platforms]  Instagram & Facebook - @creategoodco

[Email Newsletter Platform] MailChimp - Goal of email newsletter: to give thoughtful ideas to subscribers about ways they can re-purpose and re-invent in their own lives. 

I was truly inspired by Maggie and her Midwest business, Create Good Co. Her unique approach to her business, giving back to those less fortunate and living out her purpose in a meaningful and impactful way provided such a valuable conversation for me. Thanks Maggie for allowing me to showcase you as a [Midwest Made] business this year!  

You’ll want to check out Create Good Co. today and watch all of the amazing things ahead for this cool business.

Create Good Co.

Instagram – @creategoodco
Facebook –@creategoodco
Website – www.creategoodco.com

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