I recently read an interesting article that talked about how a herd of cattle and herd of buffalo react differently when they know a storm is approaching. The gist of the story was that when a storm is coming in, cows will instinctively run away from the storm thinking that’s the best approach. What ends up happening when they do this is that they run with the storm, essentially prolonging their exposure to the storm. In contrast, when a herd of buffalo sense a storm rolling in, they will run straight at it and get through it quicker.

It’s such an interesting concept, isn’t it? It makes me think about how humans react when facing challenges, obstacles and new ventures in their life. Some choose to run away from the obstacle and torment themselves as the “storm” just follows right along with them. Some individuals face obstacles head on and just get through it. When I think about my own life, I’ve definitely had times where I was like the cow herd. Instead of just getting to the root of the problem or challenge, I prolonged the suffering on myself by procrastinating or making it a bigger “deal” than it needed to be. Sometimes, I’ve also had the approach of the buffalo where I would run right at a challenge. I can tell you those times were scary, but often the most rewarding. As I think into the future, I love the concept that comes with the phrase, “Be the Buffalo,” because I want to be a person that does face hard things head on. As you embark into this new decade and challenge yourself with growth opportunities, how can you embrace this concept? I hope you choose to “Be the Buffalo”!

Speaking of buffalo, the image I used is captivating, isn’t it? A friend I went to high school with travels the country taking landscape and wildlife photography. He has an eye for capturing amazing imagery and when I told him I had a blog idea that I wanted to use his imagery in, he graciously let me. Thank you, Nick, for letting me showcase your great work on my blog. Be sure to follow Nick Krohn Photography on social to stay in touch with his adventures & buy his prints – @nickkrohnphotography.

Be the Buffalo


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