There are many things I love about this time of year, but likely my favorite is the opportunity to reflect on the past year and dream for the upcoming year. It’s a time to be thankful for the abundance of gifts (and learning opportunities) that the year brought and a time for thinking about what’s next. This year, I’ve had the good fortune of engaging in several impactful small groups. The magic that happens in community with others is quite beautiful. With 2020 coming up, one of my colleagues posed the question: “Who do you want to be in the next decade?” I’ve not been able to get that question off my mind and really putting some intentional thought into what I want to become and how I want to show up in the next ten years has had me doing some deep thinking.

First off, I think it’s important to reflect on who I was in this past decade. There was a lot of BIG LIFE changes that occurred!

Some of the GREAT things include:

  • I became a mom of two amazing, sweet boys (definitely my favorite accomplishment)! I believe they’ve taught me more about life and about myself than I’ve ever learned before!
  • I tried on several different working situations (full-time, part-time, stay-at-home, part-time again, then started my own business). All great in their own way & I’ve learned so much in each role (not that everything has been pleasant, but it’s all been for my highest good).
  • My husband started with a new company in the early part of the decade that has allowed him to really bloom into who he was meant to be. It’s been so fun to watch him grow (and to watch him step into the role of being a dad, he’s truly amazing and inspires me all of the time).
  • After having our first-born, we felt a tug to move away from the suburbs of Omaha to a rural community. It’s been a great move for us to feel like we’ve put our roots down in a great little community (FYI – it did take some adjusting to not live so close to a Target)!
  • We were fortunate enough to meet an amazing couple that sold us their acreage. We love this little peace of heaven so dearly and we’re thankful for the opportunity to raise the boys around animals and in nature!
  • My independent, stubborn self has had to get real comfortable with asking for help – A LOT. I’m not sure why this one was so hard for me, but I’m incredibly thankful we live close to my husband’s parents & family as they’ve all been such great help (plus they are all awesome people). My parents are a little further away and have been great help as well!
  • The boys have both started school and are becoming their own little people, making their own little buddies. We are fortunate to be surrounded by a village in the school system that support and nurture them. It’s been so fun to see them develop, learn and grow!
  • I’ve discovered so much about myself and have learned to stay in tune with my intuition, plus have learned quite a bit about setting & maintaining boundaries.

ALSO (some hard stuff):

  • My dad had a heart attack in 2011, followed by bypass surgery. Scary as hell, but I’m glad he survived. Then in the middle of the decade, he developed prostate cancer. Luckily, some wonderful doctors have kept him trucking (and it might be because he’s a tad bit stubborn too…nonetheless, I’m thankful that he survived all of this).
  • My mom had some health issues that were scary these past few years. She’s gotten much better this past year and I’m so thankful for that too.
  • One of the key role models in our life, Brandon’s grandpa, Dale, passed away a year ago this week. He lived a beautiful, long life (92 years old). Moving back to Pender, we got to see him regularly which was a true blessing. His one-liners are some of my favorite sayings of all time and used daily in our house.
  • Our first born “fur-baby” (our dog, Molly) passed away this fall. That was tough. It’s hard to watch animals that serve you loyally grow old and pass away. I’m so thankful she got to live her final years on the farm.
  • While becoming a mom brought so much joy, it also brought out a lot of emotions of “not enough” that I became my own worst critic on. Luckily, I’ve been able to work through this with the help of parenting books, neat moms I’ve met and conversations with the incredible women along the way.

I think about all of those shifts that happened in the past decade. Some changes brought extreme happiness, some times were down right tough and there were lessons all along the way. That’s life, right? This journey is full of all sorts of ups & downs and we must always look for the blessings along the way.

The next decade….
One thing that is important when you pondering who you want to be in the next decade is to think about the ages you & your loved ones will be in 2030. I’ve taken note that in 10 years, our oldest will be entering college (yeah, I cried some real tears when I thought about that one). Our second will be around the age of getting his drivers license. In ten years, I’ll be 29 (okay, maybe that’s not quite accurate, but I’ll be ten years older) and Brandon will celebrate his 50th. My parents will be entering their late 70’s and early 80’s, as will Brandon’s. When I think about those timelines and ages, it really makes hits home about what’s important. In this next decade:

  • I plan to identify my true priorities and live my days accordingly.
  • I plan to cherish my time with loved ones.
  • I plan to trust in God’s plan of knowing what’s best on my path.
  • I plan to pursue my dreams and figure out who I was meant to be in this world.
  • I plan to take better care of my mind, body & spirit.
  • I plan to be more brave.
  • I plan to love on myself a whole lot more.
  • I plan to lead by example.
  • I hope I inspire others.

I know there will be lots of failures along the way, but I plan to approach these next ten years with a little more courage, a lot more compassion for myself and whole bunch of love for those around me. I wouldn’t trade where I’ve been because it’s gotten me here, but I’m hopeful that I’ll push myself outside my comfort zone a little more this next decade.

Now, let’s turn the tables to you:  who do you want to be in the next decade? Have you taken time to think about that? How do you want to live? What do you want to do? It’s so important to write down the ages you & your loved ones will be in 2030. For me, it really put things into perspective. This exercise can so easily be applied to your business too. Who do you want your business to become in the next decade? What does that look like? How will you get there? I hope you take some time to put thought into what that looks like.

Then once you’ve decided who you want to be, I hope you put together some MASSIVE ACTION ideas to set your plan in motion in 2020! I can’t wait to see what the next decade holds for you!




  1. I think alot of wisdom was revealed here. Great thoughts, Katie. We can not change what we don’t evaluate. I think your next decade just might shake up the Midwest!

    Liked by 1 person

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