Let’s face it, creating content on social media can seem like a challenge at times. In this post, I’ll give you ten easy go-to options when you run into a rut with your social media posting schedule. 

  1. Product news – anything that is new and/or up and coming with your product line-up or service offering. 
  2. Behind the scenes photos or videos – this is helpful in getting to know about how you do things without giving away any secrets. It shows you have a process/plan you are passionate about.
  3. What’s trending – this can be trending in pop culture or what’s trending in your industry. It’s fun to give your spin on what you think about a certain topic (but probably best to avoid any political input on this type of post).
  4. Quotes – everyone needs a little inspiration or motivation in their life. If you find a quote that inspires you, share it on social media to help others on their journey.
  5. Interesting facts – if you come across something you think people would be interested in knowing about, share it. People love to know facts or life hacks that others have discovered. It’s even better if it’s a fact that positions you as the expert about a particular topic related to your brand or product.
  6. Unofficial holidays – you can find a list by googling “social media holidays” and there are a ton of silly ones. For example, on July 17, it’s World Emoji Day. 
  7. A question – get the conversation started by asking how your followers feel about a particular subject. It can be related to your industry or a random topic, like their favorite book, movie or quote.
  8. Contests – this is a great way to engage your audience and spread the word of your brand. It’s always a good format to have them do the following items: 1) Like your post (or your page) 2) Comment with something (keep this easy, like their favorite part of summer or favorite ice cream flavor) and 3) Share your post. It makes it easy for you to pick a winner and it helps spread your page in an effective manner.
  9. Gratitude – it’s always appropriate to spread a word of thanks to your followers, customers, etc. It shows you care and that you’re thankful for their loyalty.
  10. Day-of-the-week hashtags – Some examples include #motivationmonday #tiptuesday  #flashbackfriday or #throwbackthursday. These give you something to tie back to and have fun with. 

These ideas should help you keep things rolling on your social media schedule. Another tip that is often helpful for clients is to recycle your posts. You don’t have to recreate the wheel all of the time.There are pillars about your brand, how you do business, etc. that you can tweak and modify and occasionally re-use them for additional content. Happy posting!


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