It’s hard to believe we are on month SIX in 2019. How did that happen? I feel like this year is flying by, but I think that’s how it always seems to go because time flies when you’re having fun, right?!  Between all of the roles we play as a parent, spouse, career-person, friend, volunteer, etc, we seem to always be busy and on-the-go! This post is a challenge for you to take time on a little reflection of how far you’ve come this year.

Reflect. Pull out those goals that you set for yourself to accomplish in 2019 and review them. How are you doing on them? What have you accomplished? What do you still have yet to accomplish? I sat down last week and did a thorough check-in of the goals I set for myself earlier this year. It was good for me to reflect on my thoughts/goals for the year and evaluate my progress (or lack thereof in some areas). My consensus is that I am proud of myself for the goals I have remained consistent and dedicated to. And I have a slew of them that I haven’t touched at all, BUT I am going to choose to Celebrate where I am. When I look at my goals, I think about:

  • How I’ve pushed myself outside of my comfort zone many times this year and it’s been uncomfortable, hard, exciting, challenging and rewarding. I need to continue to evolve with this!
  • That I’ve met so many new people this year by putting myself out there. I am so thankful for those who have been put in my path!
  • That I’ve trusted my intuition on projects that weren’t met for me and that I’ve went “all-in” with clients that I have taken on.
  • That I am tracking to be close to my business revenue goals for year one.
  • That I had a goal of writing two blog posts each month and I’ve tracked pretty close to that!
  • That I’ve put a high level of focus on my family. My work has looked different than what I thought when I initially set out, but I feel like having family top-of-mind has been something I have prioritized.  
  • How I’ve remained committed to a consistent fitness routine, even during times when our schedules went crazy!
    These are just a few areas, but I wanted to share how I am celebrating, even the little things!

Now, I encourage you to do the same. Sit down, reflect & celebrate. Don’t stew on the things that you haven’t gotten done yet, focus on the positive and celebrate what you have done, even if you’ve made progress on just one goal this year, celebrate it!  I have several goals I haven’t made one step forward on, but visiting them and remembering the commitment I want to make to my personal and professional growth will be the driver from here on out. So, once you’re done celebrating, it’s time to FOCUS.

As you re-commit and focus for the remainder of the year, think about where you want to be six months down the road. What goals are you going to tackle next and set an action plan to accomplish? Break it down – week by week – on what you can do to move you towards those goals. Revisit those goals and attack them with the same fire, desire & discipline you had in January. It’s never too late to start and CHOOSE how you want to live each day for the rest of 2019. What are you going to do to stop making excuses and FOCUS on what you want to accomplish?  I’ve developed my plan and I challenge you to do the same!

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