In the United States, there are around 30.2 million small businesses in existence (source: 2018 Small Business Association – Small Business Report). That’s a lot of businesses, right? It’s pretty incredible to think that 30.2+ million people had a dream or a vision and they are pursuing it. Each business is defining their space in the world by finding solutions for customers or providing services or selling products that meet a need. Some of these businesses have been around for decades and some are just starting. As I have been meeting with clients to help with their 2019 marketing goals and needs, there is one feeling that I didn’t prepare myself for during the meetings – and it’s sheer INSPIRATION.

During the initial client consultation, I have an arsenal of questions that I ask in order to understand my client’s business a bit more. Through this process, I am always in awe of the courage, the knowledge, the passion and the purpose that each businessperson has. I love learning about their unique JOURNEY and understanding their WHY. They all saw a NEED and wanted to find a WAY to be different in the marketplace. And they all have one thing in common: they are GOING FOR IT.  Every single day, these businesses are waking up to live out a dream, a goal, a vision – and it’s incredibly inspiring. They are pushing themselves to learn different skill sets, they have their families helping with the processes, they are attending training sessions and they are so enthusiastic about the direction they are heading.

I am so incredibly honored to be helping my clients with their marketing edge – whether it’s defining their brand to developing a website or developing promotional and training materials. I love working with them to gain insight into what their aspirations are and then to work on an overall plan to accomplish their business goals. They are ready to GROW and ready to PUSH their limits. It sets my heart on fire and inspires me to continually seek ways to grow my own business and to grow in my own journey. When I think about my own journey, every person I have met along the way, the different career experiences that I have had, the places I have lived, the experiences I’ve had….they have all led me to my NOW. Looking back, I have been truly blessed with some really incredible individuals that inspired me, pushed me and believed in me. As I visit with my clients, I hope that I can help them in their path just as so many others have helped me on mine. But I know I am the one reaping the rewards because their INSPIRATION is contagious.

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