Consistency – it’s tough, right?! From consistency in your personal life to consistently showing up in your marketing efforts, it can be tough when life gets busy. Today, we’re going to talk about why putting some time, thought & energy into being consistent in your marketing campaign can result in a cohesive on-brand experience for your target audience.

In my mind, consistency falls into a few categories when it comes to marketing:

[Consistency – in the look & feel of your materials]
I see this time and time again. A client gets bored with the way their materials look so they update or change the way they look to freshen things up. Try your hardest to avoid this mistake. It’s important for your audience to see repetition so that they identify it’s your brand. Pick a format/layout that you like and stick with it. If you think your logo looks good in the bottom right hand corner of materials, use that same format throughout the rest of your marketing materials. At the end of the year, you should be able to lay all of your marketing/advertising materials out on a table and they should all look like they fit together. 

[Consistency – in your frequency.]
This can be a tough one because you have good intentions, but then life gets busy! I totally understand that. But if you want to stay top of mind in a consumer’s brain, you have to be consistently showing up. This is where it’s helpful to have a plan and carve out some time each week or month and dedicate yourself to being intentional in carrying out your plan. It’s okay to run the same ad in a newspaper several weeks in a row. It’s okay to tell a similar message on social media from one month to the next, just make small wording changes or change out your photo to keep it fresh. Don’t try to recreate the wheel each time you do something. Just remember to keep showing up!

[Consistency – in your evaluation.]
Whether you decide to evaluate your marketing plan monthly, quarterly, twice a year or yearly, be consistent in how often you review what you are doing to see progress on your strategy. Be sure to take note of your starting point to create a baseline to measure from. Check your performance and make adjustments to the plan. My recommendation is to review social media stats & strategy every 90 days and your overall plan twice a year.

Bottom line, it all comes down to having a plan and sticking to it. Give yourself some grace if things fall off the tracks, but try to stay focused and dedicated. Consistency can be a game changer in your marketing strategy if you just stick to it!

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