It’s no secret that I LOVE PODCASTS! They are entertaining, informative and inspirational. With over 630,000 different shows to subscribe to, you can take your pick on whatever topic your little heart desires. Many of the podcasts I discovered in 2018 were related to helping me learn about a new topic for my business or on the inspirational side for personal & professional growth. I have enjoyed tuning in when I am on the road, working out or as part of my morning routine. It makes me laugh because now that I have transitioned to working from home, listening to podcasts makes me feel like I have a little inspirational buddy giving me a pep talk every now and then – and I love it! 

Last week, I was listening to the podcast, Productivity Straight Talk and her segment was all around developing a Word for the Year. Isn’t that a cool thought? As I have been reflecting on last year and gearing up for this year with goals & plans, I wondered what word I could use for 2019. The first word that came to my mind and I keep going back to is: TRY. I feel like there are so many possibilities with a new business and so many ideas in my head about directions for the future, so TRY seems to fit for me. I don’t want to hold myself back by worrying about what could go wrong, I want to give myself permission to GO FOR IT.  You won’t know where it will take you if you don’t TRY, right? I feel that this applies on a personal level too – from learning a new hobby to trying a new recipe each week to committing to a workout program four days a week (can you tell these are some of my goals for 2019?). I need to let go of any and all excuses and simply just TRY.

You can check out the Productivity Straight Talk podcast show and episodes here. Her episodes revolve around helpful tips to help entrepreneurs succeed. Episode 85 talks about the word of the year. She suggests ways you can incorporate your word into your daily routine, it’s  a fun one to listen to and think about. Hopefully you have your goals all written out and are already working towards accomplishing them, but do some thinking on what your word could be for 2019! What will inspire you and speak to you daily about what you want to accomplish this year? Just TRY!

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