Welcome to our Freyday Freelance blog. In this new venture, we look forward to helping small businesses grow to their fullest potential. From personal, motivational tips to helpful marketing tips to challenging thoughts/concepts – we hope to give you information to help you grow in your journey.

Our first blog post revolves around GOOD ENERGY & GRATITUDE. Have you ever heard of the law of attraction? Often times, the energy we put out into the world comes back full circle. So, if you are feeling frustrated about how things are going for you personally or professionally, frustrating things will roll back to you. Try flipping your perspective. What are you THANKFUL for, what are you GRATEFUL for? Concentrate on emitting feelings from that perspective. Send that energy out into the world. We all know the world needs more positivity. Try starting with some simple tips to send out more positive energy:

  • Sit down right now and write out the top 5 things you are grateful for in your personal life.  Do the same from a business perspective.
  • If you are comfortable (and/or looking for social media content), post one of them on your personal or business social media page.  People are attracted to GOOD. Chances are, your message will touch someone.
  • Call or text someone that you have been thinking about that could use a pick-me-up. Let them know you are thinking of them. With all of our busy lives, we sometimes forget that relationships & love are a key element of human connection. When we do GOOD acts, we feel good.

Try incorporating this methodology into your weekly or daily practice.  We know that good energy will come back to you full circle.  And for those of you reading, please know we are GRATEFUL for YOU tuning in to our message. Now go spread that good energy into this world!




1 Comment

  1. Nice to read motivating blogs that make you think differently about your life.
    I am excited to watch your blog! I am always open to growing in my personal, spiritual and business walk. 🤓 JA


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