Freyday (pronounced ‘Friday’) Freelance

Well, hello there!  Thanks for stopping by my site. For those of you wondering about the name, it comes from my maiden name, Frey, and is pronounced ‘Fri’. When thinking about a unique business name that had personal meaning, I went with Freyday – a fun-loving nickname that often followed our family around growing up. Plus, I actually do love Friday’s (who doesn’t, right?), so it seemed like a natural fit! So, Freyday Freelance, it was!

Now, on to YOU! If you’re looking for someone to help with freelance marketing services, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need a website developed for your business, are looking for assistance with your online marketing strategy, need help with a marketing-related project or just want assistance on your overall branding messages, you’ve come to the right place. With over twelve years in the marketing industry, I will develop a strategy that fits your target, timeline and budget.

Let’s talk RURAL for a second. I’ve lived in rural Nebraska most of my life and I am passionate about helping growth-minded, rural-based businesses with developing and implementing effective marketing strategies. I do this in a few ways:

I offer useful tips on marketing & creative writing.

Freyday Freelance “Winning Wednesday” Live Videos on Facebook
I share helpful marketing content each week via a live video on my Freyday Freelance Facebook page.

Marketing Classes
I partner with the Center for Rural Affairs, Rural Enterprise Assistance Program to offer marketing classes to communities in Nebraska.

Freyday’s the name. Marketing is my game.
And I’m all about massive action to get you towards your goals.

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